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Monday, August 18, 2008

New Arrival
Sweet..sweet..sweet as you~.. :)

Long Tee

C10-RM29 each

Striking Pink and black : Available!

Green Turquoise and black : SOLD!

Black and White : SOLD!

Grey and Black : Available!

Grey and Pink : Available!

C09-Spider net dress(limited edition!)
RM 29 each

White : 1.Available!
Brown : 1.SOLD!
Black : 1.SOLD! 2.Available!

C08-Long Sweater with buttons
RM49 each
note : its a long sweater which very nice fit on M and L size ..
very stylish and up to date girlish sweater..
we give u very cheap price compare to shopping mall.. :)
Colour : Smokey Grey


It's a fact that..
You are always cuteee n adorable!!
because of...
We always provide sweet sweet stuffs for you~
hikss.. :p

Long Tight top
RM 39 each

*please take note ..
Material: very high quality stretchable fabric (cotton)

Size : (free size - fit S and small M only)
unless u wanted to look super duper hot..then its ok..cause its very tight to your body ~

C01-Light red


C02-Baby blue

3.RESERVED! (mas)

C03-Dark Choc



C04-Hot Red


C05-Swirl purple



C06-Little black lily



C07-Sweet Plain
available in purple,black,white and pink(exclude scarf)

scarf available at lovelyaustere

Purple : SOLD!

Black : SOLD!
White : SOLD!
Pink : SOLD!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pre Loved part 1 ;)

Large tote
Code : PLP11
Colour : light brown
Condition : good (used less than 5times)
Price : RM29
Status : SOLD!

size : 12' x 14'

Pinky dress
Code : PLP12
Colour : pink
Condition : good as new (used once only for couple of hours)
Price : RM19
status : SOLD!

Short knee Dress
Code : PLP13
Colour : black,grey and white
Condition : good (used once only for dinner)
Price : RM20
status : Available!

Sleeveless sweater
Code : PLP14
Colour : pink and baby blue
Condition : good (never used)
Price : RM25
Status : SOLD!

Long Skirt/Dress
Code : PLP15
Colour : Black,Grey and White
Condition : good (used once)
Price : RM25
Status : SOLD!
Long skirt.....

or dress.... ;)

Morgan Tennis Suit
Code : PLP16
Colour : pink and baby blue
Condition : good,brandnew (never used)
Price : RM25
promotion!now* RM 20 only!

100% Authentic Estee Lauder eye lashes
Code : PLP17
Colour : Black
Condition : brandnew
Price : RM35
promotion*now RM30 only!

100% Authentic Estee Lauder eye shadow
Code : PLP18
Colour : vintage lavender
Condition : brandnew
Price : RM35
promotion*now RM30 only!

Seed tee
Code : PLP19
Colour : White
Condition : Good (used once)
Price :RM15
status : SOLD!

size : s

Scarlet Blouse
Code : PLP120
Colour : beige grey
Condition : good as new(used twice)
Price : RM19
status :SOLD!

MNG Suit
Code : PLP121
Colour : dark brown
Condition : 99% new (used for less than 2hours)
Price : RM120 (bought at RM199)

Short Skirt
Code : PLP122
Colour : Dark brown
Condition : good (used)
Price : RM9
Status : SOLD!

Voir blouse
Code : PLP123
Colour : as shown in picture
Condition : good(used once)
Price : RM10
size: s,m

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Darlingg..its time for shopping!!!

Pre Loved :)
happy shopping!

100% Authentic GUESS leather and denim wallet
(never used) -Brandnew- with tag!
code : PL01
Price : RM100 only
(including postage!)
Status :

6 slots for cards
1 compartment for coins
3 compartments for cash

Sweet shiny handbag

1)small Black - used a few times (PL02) -SOLD!-
2)small light golden brown - never used(PL03) -SOLD!-
3)medium dark choc brown - used once(PL04)

Price : RM12 each :)

size ( medium) : 16 x 13
size (small) : 14 x 12

MNG handbag
used 2/3 times only-(in a very good condition)

Code : PL05
Price : RM70 only (including postage!)

*now RM50only* (including postage!)
Normal Price RM140

Status : SOLD!

size : 10' x 6'

Large Estee Lauder handbag
(this nice leather bag was bought together with the estee lauder make up set,but never used the bag ) -Brandnew -

Price : RM35 only
code : PL06

Status : SOLD!

size : 13' x 15'

Long Floral n butterfly brown wallet
(never used)
Price : RM 20 only (including postage!)
code : PL07
Status : SOLD!

10 slots for cards
3 compartments for cash
1 compartment for coins