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Friday, August 8, 2008

Authentic Victoria's Secret - Dream Angels

View inside the bag

Perfume Set of 4 (2.6ml each):
i)Dream Angle Heavenly
ii)Dream Angle Halo
iii)Dream Angle Divine
iv)Dream Angle Desire
v)Perfume Casing
FREE! Dream Angle Coin Purse
(p/s: the smell is heaven! if u'd use victoria's secret perfume before than u'll know.
even i just open it for this photo season has make myroom smell heavenly d whole day)

Dream Angle Coin Purse (FREE GIFT with purchase of Dream Angle Perfume)


A) FULL SET Package : N/A
Handbag + Perfume (Free Dream Angle Coin Purse!)

BAG Package : Available!
Handbag - RM 250 only! *now* RM210 only!

PERFUME package
Perfume Set of 4 (Free Dream Angle Coin Purse!) - RM 100 only! (SOLD)

++Victoria's Secret Handbag come with Victoria's Secret Plastic cover
++Apprx Measurement 16"(L) x 8"(W) x 9"(H)
++Made of high quality canvas(bag) and leather(strap)
++Very roomy and spacious
++Price do not include postage

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