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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hye everyone..i'm sorry for keep u waiting for our new upload..i'm kinda busy at this moment..
so,here is some new updates..this is just a little upload for this month..!Promise dat we'll bring you lots of new and preloved items later after this..keep viewing and enjoy ! btw,happy fasting to all muslims.. ;)

Long Blouse(limited edition!)
Price : RM 35
Fabric : Cotton
nice fit : M and L size ;)

D01-Green polka-dot
Status : SOLD!

(i'm in green..go green! :))


D02-Love Pink polka-dot
Status : Available!

D03-Peach Rose
Status : Available!

D04-Flowery soft pink
Status : SOLD!

PreLoved Necklace and Clutch :)
Nacklace : RM 5
Bangle/Bracelet : RM4

(click picture for clear image)

From left to right :-
PLN1-White (brandnew): Available!
PLN2-Blue : SOLD!
PLN3-Black(brandnew) : SOLD!
PLN4-Brown with Rings(brandnew) : SOLD!
PLN5-Dark Brown (3layers): Available!
PLN6-Yellow : SOLD!

Status : Available!
Condition : Brandnew~ never used

Status : SOLD!
condition : Brandnew~ never used


Status : SOLD!
Condition : good.

Status : Available!
Condition : good

Gold Clutch (used once)
RM 20 only
Status : Available!

Black Clutch
RM35 only
Status : Available!

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